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The Preferred Plan from Travel Guard

Insurance and assistance for vacations, cruises and tours. Choose the plan travelers trust.

You’d like to believe that your trip will go as planned. But if something happens, you want to be prepared. The Preferred Plan offers generous protection for all your domestic and international travel. With features like comprehensive trip cancellation and primary emergency medical coverage, 24–hour travel assistance, and optional benefits to tailor the plan to your travel needs, it’s the perfect companion for your perfect vacation.

Preferred covers a variety of unforeseen situations, including illness, injury or death; job loss; supplier financial default; terrorism; and uninhabitable home or destination due to a natural disaster.

This plan is affordable – no charge for covering kids 17 and under who are related to the primary insured.

Purchasing your travel insurance is fast and easy.

Please call Total Sports Travel at 1-888-367-8781 to purchase or if you have any questions.

Travel Insurance Coverage

Trip Cancellation – up to ​100% of Insured Trip Cost

Reimburses your prepaid, non–refundable expenses if you must cancel your trip due to a covered reason.

Trip Interruption – up to 150% of Insured Trip ​Cost

Reimburses for the unused, non-refundable portion of your trip and for the increased transportation costs it takes for you to return home due to a covered reason.

Missed Connection – Maximum Limit $250

Reimburses up to the Maximum Limit if Inclement Weather or Common Carrier causes cancellation or a delay of regularly scheduled airline flights for three or more hours to your point of departure.

Travel Delay – Maximum Limit $750

Reimburses up to $150 a day to the Maximum Limit for Reasonable, Additional Expenses for meals, accommodations, taxi fares, and essential phone calls, if your Trip is delayed for more than 5 hours due to covered reasons.

Medical Protection

Medical Expense – Maximum Limit $25,0​00

Pays up to the Maximum Limit for necessary medical expenses incurred while on a Trip. This coverage is in excess of any other coverage or indemnity. Coverage will become Primary if the plan is purchased within 15 days of Initial Trip Payment.

Emergency Medical Evacuation – Maximum Limit $500,00​0

Covers evacuation and transportation as directed by a Physician to the nearest adequate medical facility. Pays for special medical escort if recommended in writing by the attending Physician.

Baggage Protection

Baggage & Personal Effects Loss – Maximum Limit $1,000

Can reimburse you if your Baggage is lost, stolen, or damaged while on your Trip, subject to the Maximum Limit. This coverage is in excess of any other coverage or indemnity.

Baggage Delay – Maximum Limit $300

If your baggage is delayed more than 12 hours, you can be reimbursed for the purchase of Necessary Personal Effects, subject to the Maximum Limit.

Assistance Services

Help is just a phone call away with the Travel Guard Preferred Plan. This plan includes 24-hour travel assistance services.

Optional Benefit

Cancel  for Any Reason

The Insurer will reimburse 50% of non-refundable expenses if you cancel your trip for any reason, up to 48 hours prior to your departure. (Can only be purchased at the time the base plan is purchased and within 15 days of initial trip payment. Coverage must be purchased for the full cost of all pre-paid, non-refundable trip arrangements.) Cost: Multiply base plan cost by 1.4