Total Sports Travel

Travel Package Amenities

Total Sports Travel offers the most comprehensive service in the industry both prior to and during your tour, providing each fan with a complete tour itinerary and a full-time tour representative who will act as a guide.

Our packages offer amenities such as:

Ground Transportation

Attendees travel worry-free while Total Sports Travel takes them from the airport to the hotel, to the stadium, and to any special events arranged for our travelers. This service includes all baggage handling, when appropriate.

Event Tickets

Total Sports Travel can procure regular-season tickets as well as tickets to special events such as tournament games, championship games, bowl games and more.

Optional Sight-Seeing Tours

Travelers will have the opportunity to experience some spectacular sights, shop at interesting stores, and experience great dining. It is an opportunity to simply relax and vacation while enjoying your favorite sport.

Trip Insurance Coverage

To make travel worry-free, Total Sports Travel offers insurance coverage for each attendee.

Internet Accessibility

Total Sports Travel maintains its own web site featuring information about all trips for the schools with which we work.

Event Gift/Souvenir Pack

When appropriate, each attendee will receive a complimentary souvenir, exclusive to Total Sports Travel package travelers.